HUD Displays Not Just for Video Games

Anyone that has ever picked up a controller should know what a HUD is. HUD stands for Heads Up Display. When not displaying how much ammunition is left in that AK-47 your character is holding or how much longer you can go without a health pick up, they can actually provide some very useful information in real time.

Pilots have utilized HUD’s for years. Fighters would use them to target and track enemies while commercial pilots relied on them to keep their bearing, altitude and pitch. More recently some higher end auto makers have introduced them in to their products. GM was the first in 1998 but the technology has since come a long way. Today, you can buy a BMW that offers the speedometer, tachometer, built in navigation and even some night-vision elements directly in to a colored glass display. This technology has taken another advancement in the vehicle industry, but not where you might think.

The Reevu Motorcycle Helmet company has become the first to specialize in the manufacture of motorcycle helmets complete with HUD’s. Additionally they even offer helmets with rear facing cameras so that cyclists can now see in all directions simultaneously, allowing them to focus on the road ahead as well as other motorists behind them. This eliminates the need to turn their head which can often cause slight directional change in the upper body and therefore turning of the front wheel. For this reason, many motorcyclists rely on their signals and the vision of other motorists to avoid dangerous accidents. The advancements in HUD technology, while still pricey in comparison to other simpler solutions, are definitely a step in the right direction and an exciting one at that. Check out the designer of the Reevu helmet showing some of its innovative features here.


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