Built In Bike Lock

As someone who has had a bike stolen from them before, let me start with the fact that it’s not a fun experience. If it’s a cheap bike, yes it’s unfortunate but it can usually be replaced. If it is however a rather expensive bike that a rider has put a lot of time and effort in to earning and maintaining, the loss can be all the more heart breaking.

My experience occured while my bike was locked. The thief cut right through the wire with some sort of bolt cutters, I would assume. The solution to this is to bulk up the lock’s hardware itself. Often people resort to U-locks and chains to accomplish this goal. Unfortunately, these can be bulky, hard to travel with and even mark up the frame of the bike. My suggestion however is could alleviate this altogether. What if the bike was the lock itself? I invision a lock that doesn’t have to go around your frame because it IS the frame. What if there were some way to incorporate a locking mechanism that popped out of the frame? Perhaps the struts would be prong shaped with a recessed bar in the middle that could pop out on both sides and connect around a pole.

The design is up for debate, however a rather simple idea has been proposed by designer Bach Nguyen that utilizes the handle bars as the locking mechanism. This is so simple it’s genius. I can see this being popular among those that can afford it in the very near future. 

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