Easy Feet Foot Scrubber

For as long as I’ve been taking showers, I’ve had to bend over and wash my feet. Whether it’s a loofa or a bar of soap and a wash cloth, it’s always been a pain in the … back. It’s a wonder that no one had ever capitalized on this issue in the past.

Just my luck that I see a late night “As Seen on TV” ad for a product that solved just that. The “Easy Feet Foot Cleaner” was simple. It had suction cups that secured a rubber scrubbing base to the bottom of any bathtub you’d find in your apartment or house. All you had to do was drop a little soap on the base and you work it in to a lather with your foot. The genius is that it has an arch built in to scrub the top of your foot and between your toes.

This piece of plastic cost cents to make, and someone somewhere is making large profit margins on the $10 product. Everytime I see a product like this I have to stop and smack myself asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”


Helping Prevent Baseball Pitching Injuries

Baseball has long been known as America’s Past TIme. As long as their is baseball, there are going to be kids that want to grow up to be big league pitchers. Unfortunately, the pitching motion is a very unnatural one for the human body. In order to gain the greatest advantage and to hurl the ball as fast as they can, pitchers adapt to the restrictions of the human anatomy.


Unfortunately, this unnatural movement causes a higher percentage of career threatening injuries to pitchers, especially in the ligaments surrounding the elbow. Since 1974, a special surgery with a recovery time of more than 14 months has been developed to resurrect the careers of pitchers that in the past would have been relegated to retirement.


The idea I propose however is some sort of device that can help pitchers develop a motion that is less harmful to the body. Throwing “over the top” as they say is said to be the most harmful of the different types of pitching motions. Many major leaguers have had successful pitching careers throwing at a three-quarters slot or even what is called side arm and submarine pitching. These types all bring the throwing arm to a different degree angle than the over the top motion. In addition, they also cause less stress since they are stretching the ligaments less, and in a natural direction.


Golfers have long had different contraptions(straps, tubes, wraps, etc…) that help them establish a set swing of their arm. Why can’t some sort of device be adapted to help pitchers recognize a better angle to release the ball? If kids start learning different angles at younger ages today, perhaps ten years from now the major leagues will be dominated by side arm pitchers. All it takes is one industrious baseball fanatic inventor and some marketing know how.


Inflatable Waist Bands in Bathing Suits?

As humans we swill never ignore the water. Everyday, people around the world will dive in to swimming pools, go to the lake or walk across a sandy beach to the waters edge. Because so many people love to swim, there are an unfortunately high number of deaths related to drowning each year. The National Safety Council reported that there are nationally 7000 deaths each year. The Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation found that of children between 7-14, 70% could not swim more than fifty yards.

This caused me to wonder if there could be some common solution. Something that borrows technology from another area to solve a similar issue. Most everyone wears some sort of a bathing suit when they’re in the water. What if there was a suit that had an inflatable tube built in to the waistband?

The trigger for inflation could be a number of things. Perhaps it would be if reaching a certain depth. Or maybe for the children’s one it could be activated by pulling a cord similar to a parachute opening? Perhaps they could throw in remote technology so a user could activate it from some distance. There are many different technologies that might prove relevant to the design.

It would surely inflate the asking price to some extent though, no pun intended. This may be the price a worrisome parent pays for a little bit more peace of mind. At the very least, I think that some kind of prototype should constructed and tested. People will buy anything, and this just could save a life.