Inflatable Waist Bands in Bathing Suits?

As humans we swill never ignore the water. Everyday, people around the world will dive in to swimming pools, go to the lake or walk across a sandy beach to the waters edge. Because so many people love to swim, there are an unfortunately high number of deaths related to drowning each year. The National Safety Council reported that there are nationally 7000 deaths each year. The Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation found that of children between 7-14, 70% could not swim more than fifty yards.

This caused me to wonder if there could be some common solution. Something that borrows technology from another area to solve a similar issue. Most everyone wears some sort of a bathing suit when they’re in the water. What if there was a suit that had an inflatable tube built in to the waistband?

The trigger for inflation could be a number of things. Perhaps it would be if reaching a certain depth. Or maybe for the children’s one it could be activated by pulling a cord similar to a parachute opening? Perhaps they could throw in remote technology so a user could activate it from some distance. There are many different technologies that might prove relevant to the design.

It would surely inflate the asking price to some extent though, no pun intended. This may be the price a worrisome parent pays for a little bit more peace of mind. At the very least, I think that some kind of prototype should constructed and tested. People will buy anything, and this just could save a life.


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