Easy Feet Foot Scrubber

For as long as I’ve been taking showers, I’ve had to bend over and wash my feet. Whether it’s a loofa or a bar of soap and a wash cloth, it’s always been a pain in the … back. It’s a wonder that no one had ever capitalized on this issue in the past.

Just my luck that I see a late night “As Seen on TV” ad for a product that solved just that. The “Easy Feet Foot Cleaner” was simple. It had suction cups that secured a rubber scrubbing base to the bottom of any bathtub you’d find in your apartment or house. All you had to do was drop a little soap on the base and you work it in to a lather with your foot. The genius is that it has an arch built in to scrub the top of your foot and between your toes.

This piece of plastic cost cents to make, and someone somewhere is making large profit margins on the $10 product. Everytime I see a product like this I have to stop and smack myself asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”


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