Save Your Towel for the Beach!

The Dyson company has been producing and selling innovative and standard setting products for more than a decade. They’re most notably known for their popular (albeit pricey) Dyson vacuum. The vacuum is all about suction, as the inventor pitches in the many commercials scattered around TV land.

Dyson branched out and turned their efficient turbine technology into another revolutionary, everyday invention. The Dyson Airblade is the most elite of hand dryers for public rest rooms in the United States. It works by using blasts of air to act as a squeegee to wick water off of a persons hands. My idea is to scale this up.

I see the shower of the future to have a button next to the one that diverts water to the shower head. When you shut off the water, you can press another button and the body blade kicks in to action. Imagine dual water “blades” starting at your head and wicking all of the water off of your body as it passes all the way to the floor, finishing at your feet. No more using the same towel over and over to dry your presumably “clean” self. The blade is high tech and futuristic and I’m sure it would be a new installation in many upper class homes. As the technology advances, hopefully the price would come down. The machine itself would be cheaper to build and install but more over, popularity can induce imitators. A competitive open market always helps to adjust the prices to a more consumer friendly level.


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